Erotic massage Bucharest – top salons in town

In Bucharest erotic massage services are very popular. Many people apply for this type of services to solve the lack of tenderness and eroticism.

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Usually people have a wrong impression, thinking that this service involves sexual contact, but in reality both the masseuse and the client are prohibited from offering, receiving and demand comprehensive sexual services. Before embarking on this kind of services you should know that you will not get sex but you get privacy, relaxation, erotic massage and completions techniques that do not include sex.

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When you arrive at a massage parlor you will be greeted by beautiful masseuses dressed in sexy gowns, dresses, lingerie or swimwear.

You have to choose the masseuse that you most like by attitude, physics, smile, each one of you according to personal criteria. Then, once chosen the masseuse you should decide on the type of massage you want.

You can choose between Swedish massage, Thai massage, relaxation massage, sports massage, hot stone massage, massage in whirlpool, four hands massage, couples massage, swing, erotic massage or lingam massage. Besides all this, according to your fantasies and available masseuses, they can meet up your fantasies of domination verbal or physical and other fetish. After choosing the desired masseuse in the room she will give up her clothes and she will remain nude, all nude she will execute all types of massage above mentioned. If you do not want nudity please specify this.

Erotic massage and lingam massage are types of massage made by a masseuse with her whole body. The breasts, bottom, thighs, legs, hands, with feet flat on the customer’s genital area.

On the site you can see the ladies available every time with a photo gallery with real pictures, a few words of description, age, experience, services and massage techniques performed by each one. All you have to do is choose the desired combination.

Our massage salons provides professional, high quality services since 2000. Among our clients there are politicians, businessmen, tourists and local people with above average incomes, all of whom agree that we are a five-star brand.

All masseuses are qualified for therapeutic and relaxation massages, are lawfully employed and own medical tests to date. Besides legality and safety we have made sure that each of the 30 girls to be beautiful but in a different way so that each of the clients retrieve ideal masseuse.

The lounges are decorated in oriental style, each room represents a a different area, each one is handmade by an interior designer. The colors, the music, the details,the materials are carefully chosen to create a state of relaxation. Everything is sanitized after each client so that you can relax without a care. Each parlor of the three that we have is centrally located in Bucharest, in elegant villas with own parking, air conditioning and approvals from state institutions.

If you want to benefit from relaxing or erotic massage in the comfort of your home or in your hotel room, you can choose desired masseuse from the gallery, make an appointment and the chosen masseuse will reach you within 30 minutes or at the appointed time . When it has reached the masseuse will have a badge and the invoice and of course the goods needed for massage. All you have to do, if you want, is to open a champagne bottle, choose some beautiful music and take a shower. Showering you can also do when the girls is arrived, together with it.

If you have not experienced before an erotic massage or a relaxing massage performed by a beautiful nude masseuse, if you want to see another joy of life we recommend you to visit our salons and to schedule a meeting.

Will be more than massage. It will be a unique experience, an adventure!

Health Benefits of Sex – 8 Advantages of Healthy Sexual Life

Sex is beneficial for body in a number of ways, as said by Davidson and other experts. The benefits aren’t just unreliable or gossip each of these health benefits of sex is backed by scientific study.

These are the benefits of healthy loving in a relationship.

1. Sex Boosts Immunity

Excellent sexual healthiness may indicate improved physical health. Those who have sex regularly it is being seen that they people have more immunity in compression to those who don’t do it regularly.

2. Sex Relieves Stress

A huge health advantage of sex is lower blood pressure and overall anxiety decrease. Persons who had interaction had superior responses to stress than those who occupied in other sexual behaviors.

3. Sex Burns Calories

Sex is a vast form of do exercises; it takes labor, from in cooperation a physical and psychological viewpoint, to do it well.

4. Sex Improves Cardiovascular fitness

Scientists found occurrence of sex was not related with stroke and the sensitivity health reimbursement of sex doesn’t end there. The researchers also set up that having sex twice or more a week reduced the risk of serious heart attack by partially for the men, compared with persons who had sex less than once a month.

5. Sex Boosts self-respect

Increasing self-worth was one of 237 reasons people have sex. People who already have self-esteem say they occasionally have sex to sense even better. One of the reasons people say they have sex is to feel good about them. Great sex starts with self-esteem, and increases it, sex is loving, linked, and what you desire, it raises it.

6. Sex Improves familiarity

Having sex and orgasms increases levels of the hormone the so-called love hormone, which helps us tie and put together trust.

Higher oxytocin has moreover been linked with a emotion of liberality. So if you’re feeling swiftly more liberal toward your partner than usual, acclaim the love hormone.

7. Sex Reduces ache

Since the hormone oxytocin gushes, endorphins raise, and pain declines. So if your, arthritis pain, headache PMS symptoms look to recover after sex, you can be grateful those higher oxytocin levels.

8. Sex Reduces Prostate Cancer Risk

A study, reported in the Journal of the American Medical Association, initiated that common ejaculations, 21 or more a month, were allied to lower prostate cancer risk in older men, also, compared with less frequent ejaculations of four to seven monthly.

These are not only the tips, there are more tips for happy and healthy relationship.

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Sex and Age – Secrets of Sexual Health and Happiness

Nowadays people lead an active lifestyle even at the elderly age, they travel and continue to do what used to bring them pleasure at a younger age, including sex. Love conquers all ages and intimate relationship is a logical continuation to romantic infatuation.

Men and women equally want to continue having full value relationships at any age. Healthy sexual life favorably affects all aspects of life including physical shape and self-esteem. Even though television and movies persistently persuade us that sex is something only teenagers and youngsters engage in, to put it mildly, it does not represent the reality. The need for sex does not go away with age. It is impossible to outgrow the need for love, emotional closeness and intimacy. The majority of people have sexual fantasies even at 80 and 90 years of age.

Indeed, sex when you are 80 differs from sex when you are 20, however it does not mean that sexual life at an older age cannot bring satisfaction and pleasure. Understanding the changes that take place in your body or in your partner’s body with age will help you prepare for some possible sexual issues.

First, there are the natural age changes. As we all know, our organism ages and our body wears out, and these natural age changes may influence our sexual life. And although most often we are talking about physical changes, we should not disregard the psychological changes as well.

Let’s talk about the physical changes first. Testosterone controls the sexual attraction in both men and women. The bodies of most aging men and women produce the necessary amount of testosterone to sustain their interest in sex. And although with age some of the aspects of sex that we have grown accustomed to become difficult, these changes are a great stimulus to try out new positions and techniques.

The physical changes in a woman’s body that happen with age are mainly related to menopause and the lowering of the hormone estrogen’s level. With age the production of the vaginal lubricant when sexually aroused takes more time. The vagina loses its resilience and elasticity. All of this makes the sexual intercourse less pleasant or even painful. Besides, women may feel a burning sensation during sex or develop bleeding after the sexual intercourse is over. To stimulate the natural production of the vaginal lubricant, it is necessary to engage in the foreplay. Another solution for this problem is using a water based lubricant (for example K-Y jelly), using a cream containing estrogen or going through an estrogen-replacing therapy. Regular sex helps maintain the normal production of the vaginal lubricant and the elasticity of the vagina. Long abstinence can cause the vagina to lose its elasticity therefore it will take time to stretch it for the penis. You should discuss this problem with your partner and ask him to move slowly in order to reduce your painful sensations.

Now let’s move on to psychological changes. Maintaining the ability to engage in sexual activities at an elderly age depends not only on your body but also on your consciousness. If you are ashamed of your sexual needs, anxiety and stress can negatively affect the ability to experience sexual arousal. The age related changes in your appearance may influence your emotional openness and ability to enter into an intimate relationship. The more wrinkles and grey hairs you notice, the lower your self-esteem becomes. You feel unattractive. The negative self-image suppresses the sexual drive since you feel unworthy of sexual attention from your partner and do not trust him/her.

Stress and anxiety due to sexual behavior and potential failures in bed may provoke sexual weakness (impotence) in men and frigidity in women. Do not rush things and you may be able to avoid the emotional pressure.

Discuss this sore point with your partner; tell them about your emotions and worries. His or her support will help you regain confidence in yourself.

So how can you improve your sexual life with age? A lot of elderly people consider their intimate life fuller than the one they used to have when they were younger. They are convinced that with age sex only becomes better similarly to good wine. In order to improve your sexual life you need to discuss any problems or fantasies you may have more often and introduce changes to your sexual repertoire.

You should expand your view on sex. Sex is not merely a number of physical exercises in order to achieve pleasure. Sex does not come down to sexual intercourse. With age many people start to appreciate the communication before and after sex, which makes the intimacy itself way brighter. Petting and touching may become a great alternative to sexual intercourse, even the simplest embrace may cause an orgasm. Consider erotic massage, masturbation or oral sex.

Communicate more with your partner. Nothing draws you as close as communication. Discuss the changes that you are going through with your partner in order to understand how you can get rid of any discomforts and make sex even better. Perhaps, the solution will be a new position or a new type of sexual communication, for example massage. Ask your partner about his/her needs and fantasies and think about how you can satisfy them. The discussion of sex itself is very arousing and can become an excellent foreplay.

Introduce changes to your sexual routine. Simple changes can improve your intimate life. Move sex to a time when you feel the most surge of energy. Try having sex in the morning when you are full of strength after a good night sleep instead of postponing it until the end of the day when you are drained and exhausted. Since you will need more time to get aroused, set aside more time for preparation of the romantic environment, for example a romantic dinner, a party for just the two of you or dancing. Try out the new sex positions, do not just stick to the” missionary” one. Look for the position that will be comfortable both for you and your partner.

Control your expectations. If you did not have sex very often when you were young do not expect to become a sex machine at an older age. Perhaps, when you were young the expression of intimacy for you was something else such as an interesting talk and communication. If that’s the case, then the same order of things will remain as you get older. Couples that used to love to have sex when they were younger are unlikely to stop liking having sex as they get older.

Take care of yourself. Healthy eating and regular physical exercise will help maintain you in good shape. This in turn will help maintain your readiness for sex at any age. Keep to a balanced diet rich in fruit and vegetables. Exercise at least for half an hour a day every day of the week. Drink less alcohol, it lowers both male and female sexual potency. Drugs, for example marijuana and cocaine, also negatively affect your sexual function.

If you do not have a sexual partner, this does not mean that you should give up on sex altogether. More than half of elderly people over 65 years of age in the US are single. It is still possible to find new love at this age or simply set out on a romantic adventure which will lead to bed. Women live longer than men therefore there are more single women and finding a partner at an elderly age is not that easy. Try to attend places and events where you can meet people of your age. It is never too late to start a relationship.

When you do start new sexual relationships do not forget about safe sex. A lot of older people neglect it because they are sure that they are not in danger of getting infected with an STD including AIDS. In spite of this opinion, AIDS is not the disease of the young people. Among those who suffer from AIDS in the US more than 10% of people are over 50. Every person engaging in sexual activities, regardless of their age, can get infected with an STD. Either do not change your partner or practice safe sex with a condom. Discuss the possibility of AIDS tests with your partner. Older people rarely undergo such examinations.

And finally talk to you doctor. Often elderly people feel ashamed to discuss sex with their doctor. However, such communication can help you better understand the age changes of your body and mind as well as their influence of your sexual activity.

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Sex Enhancers – Enjoy an Increased Libido and Longer Lasting Sex Naturally!

If you want to enjoy better sex and better all round health at the same time – the good news is you can with the herbal sexual enhancers we will look at in this article. These herbs will work for both men and women and can be found combined in the best natural sex pills. Let’s see how these sex enhancers can improve your love life.

If you want to enjoy better and longer lasting sex, you need to have high levels of testosterone and nitric oxide in your body and you also need to have a mind which is free of anxiety and stress so you can focus fully on sex.

Nitric Oxide – Increase Blood Flow to the Sex Organs

this substance needs to be in plentiful supply in the body because it controls the amount of blood which can enter the sex organs. Men need it to get an erection and women need it for satisfying orgasms. Nitric oxide is produced when you think about sex and immediately, relaxes and opens the blood vessels which carry blood into the sex organs which allows them to swell and harden. To increase nitric oxide secretion, you can take three herbs – Cnidium, Ginseng and Horny Goat Weed and they work quickly, with no dangerous side effects.

Testosterone – For Sexual Energy

Both the male and female sex need testosterone for a strong sex drive and also for sexual stamina and it declines with age and when this happens, you become fatigued and sexual energy falls. There are many herbs to enhance testosterone but the two that are considered the best are – Tongkat Ali and Tribulus. These two ancient herbal remedies, are renowned for there ability to increase energy levels, improve sex drive and give users increased sexual stamina.

The Mind – Relax the Mind and Enjoy Better Sex

Stress, anxiety or a low mood will impact on sex drive and sexual performance but you can take some herbal mind tonics which will not only reduce negative inputs, they will aloso free improve your mood so you can relax and focus on sex. The best herbs to take to improve mood are – Ginkgo Biloba and Ashwagandha Extract which both help you focus on sex and also, increase pleasure from orgasm.

Get ALL the Above Herbs in the Best Herbal Sex Pills

You find all the sex enhancers we have mentioned, in the best sex pills for men and women and if you take them you will enjoy better sex and better overall levels of wellness at the same time.

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The Top 3 Ways Exercise Boosts Your Sex Drive

The phenomenon is almost universal. A few days or weeks at the gym or doing exercise….we feel sexier, more confident, and our sex drive starts roaring. Is it in our minds? No. Several studies have in fact shown that exercise causes a psychological as well as physiological improvement to our sex life. Here are the facts.

Facts for Men

Several studies have shown that exercise has a positive effect on the sex drive of men. Separate studies has have shown, for example, that men who participate in exercise one hour per day, three to five days a week achieved a significantly greater sex life. The frequency of sex, sexual function, and the percentage of satisfying orgasms all increased. Overall, the participants were happier with their sex lives. In general the studies have shown that the more regular the exercise regime, the higher the sex drive.

Facts for Women

Exercise has a positive effect on the sex drive of women as well. Studies have shown that women who frequently exercise become aroused more quickly and are able to reach an orgasm faster and more intensely. The studies have shown that the effect is both physiological as well as psychological. Moreover, there is an effect even after a single intense short-duration (20 minute) exercise.

How does Exercise boost our sex life?

1. Better Sexual Performance

Sex itself is an intense physical activity requiring strength and endurance. As you exercise, both your strength and endurance will increase, opening the possibility for more varied sexual positions that require greater physical control. Physiologically your sexual performance improves because of the following:

• Increased Sexual Endurance
• Better Muscle Strength
• Greater flexibility
• Increased blood flow to the genital area

In addition to the physiological component, the studies have shown that there is also a strong psychological component to better sexual performance after exercise. An overall feeling of increased arousal is caused by the fact that exercise brings greater blood flow to the genital area. This occurs in both men and women.

2. Enhanced Self-image Leads to Greater Sex Drive

A big part of sex is feeling sexy. Research shows that people who exercise have an improved body image over people who do not exercise. Being more comfortable with your body leads to better and more relaxed sex.

The studies also show that men and women who are more physically fit rate their own sexual performance as well as sexual desirability higher. As the number of days of exercise per week increased, so did the ratings of sexual desirability. The more regular our exercise, the better we feel about ourselves. The better we feel about our body image, the greater our sex drive.

3. The Potent Sex Cocktail- Testosterone, Endorphins and Adrenaline

The increased sex drive with exercise has been linked to higher testosterone levels in both men and women. Elevated levels of testosterone have been found in men after six weeks and in women after eight weeks of weight training. With higher testosterone levels, males experience:

• more frequent erections,
• increasing sexual urges
• better bone density
• greater mass and muscular strength

Women experience the following with higher testosterone levels:

• more frequent sex
• heightened sexual arousal
• elevated moods which may lead to higher sex drive
• greater muscle and bone density
• higher energy levels

Testosterone also reduces depression and chronic fatigue, which obstructs a good sex life.
In addition to higher levels of testosterone, long workouts at moderate to high levels, also cause the release of chemicals known as endorphins and adrenaline. This has been callde the “runner’s high.” The endorphins and adrenaline create a feeling of pleasure and well-being. The release of endorphins has been shown to increase sexual arousal or even orgasm in women. Endorphins also reduce stress, which is a major sex drive inhibitor. The combination of adrenaline with endorphins and with testosterone is a potent sexual cocktail!

Caution: Too much Exercise Can Have the Opposite Effect!
One word of caution, excessive exercise can have the opposite effect on your sex drive. Cardio workouts, strength training work outs, or endurance training that is too intense can actually deplete the body of sex hormones if done excessively. Excessive workout would include any workout that causes the heart to beat more than 90 beats per minute for longer than 2 minutes.

When this is done regularly, the body can reduce or stop the production of sex hormones and can increase the production of stress hormones instead. Proper rest and sleep also play a huge role in the increase of testosterone production.

So, for an optimum sex drive, engage in regular exercise at moderate intensities. Do not overtrain. Enjoy your exercise and a healthy and happy sex life!

Elizabeth S. Pons, Esq.

Ageless and Fit

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Sex: The Ultimate Language

Albert Mehrabian is professor emeritus of psychology at UCLA. He is well known for his work on body language, and particularly for working out the estimated percentages of verbal and non-verbal communication. His work in essence measured how, when people expressed likes and dislikes, their words, body language and tone of voice told the real story. He concluded that words only account for 7% of the message, whereas tone of voice accounted for 38% and body language 55%. So if the body, when it comes to likes and dislikes, tell 55% of the story, it really matters when it comes to sex.

The secret to a good sex life, and to a good life in general, is quite simply this: learn to communicate effectively. No trick, position, sex toy or “new” experience will make sex better if we haven’t learned the most fundamental and most powerful skill any person could have namely to listen and to respond effectively. This skill is particularly difficult between the two sexes because men use different parts of their brain to listen and respond than women do. That being said, the fact that we use different parts of our brains to communicate works out perfectly in nature and therefore becomes critical in a good sex life.

The ultimate expression
In kindergarten we are taught that we listen with our ears. This isn’t so – our ears receive sound waves, but it is our brains that do the listening. Moreover, if we take body language into account, we receive signals with our eyes as well. When it comes to sex, not only do we see body language, we also feel signals, hear signals, smell signals and taste signals. Sex is the ultimate form of communication. The entire body tells a story that combines smells, and tastes and feelings and sounds into the pinnacle of pleasure.

The thing with sex though is that, because our entire body speaks, it reflects our mind completely. We cannot separate our minds from our bodies, especially when we are giving ourselves so completely. This is precisely where the catch comes in – all our fears, inhibitions and uncertainties are reflected along with our hopes and expectations. This is the key to understanding sex: fear holds us back, freedom allows us greater experiences. Therefore, we must be free to communicate in order to have better sex!

To listen and respond
We may all use the same words, and roughly construct sentences in the same way, but each and every human being has a language of their own. As babies we responded to our mother’s touch, as children we learned the meaning of words through our personal experiences. As teenagers we developed a deeper value to these words and as adults we use them to be productive. Our understanding of language is subject to so many variations in our experiences that each one of us has a unique language. How we get along is a miracle – mostly our need to survive overrides the potential conflicts of the misunderstandings we regularly have.

I grew up in the 80’s and 90’s when “Women’s Lib” was at a peak – as a boy I was taught that men must listen to women, but because no man in my previous generation knew precisely what that entails, I developed a low self esteem when it came to girls. I felt inadequate when it came to understanding them and listening to them because every effort I made somehow failed to make an impression. It was only when I met a girl who didn’t expect me to know everything beforehand that I was able to start learning.

After many years of good relationships and many intimate experiences, I discovered a simple way to learn a woman’s language: ask. When you are doing something new with your hands, listen to her breathing, feel the response of her body, listen to the sounds she is making – when they all tell you that it is good, then chances are that it is good. However, girls sometimes make the same noises during sex that they make when digging out dish washing liquid under the sink, and that is when us men get really confused. Instead of trying to guess whether that was a “oh my gosh do it again” groan or a “that’s not it!” groan, simply ask whether what you are doing works for her. If it does, keep going. If it doesn’t, ask her to move your hand, or simply try something new. Soon you will learn what noises and body movements equate to a good time, and which ones equate to discomfort.

Being able to ask shows a great deal of maturity and confidence – these are two highly sought after characteristics that will add to the entire sex experience. Using this method of exploration I was able to learn very quickly what a particular girl likes or dislikes and by doing what works I had some of the best experiences one could ask for.

The risk of exposing oneself
The idea of sex as the ultimate form of communication is as much a blessing as it can be a curse. Most people know this instinctively, and when it comes to sex they try to manage the risk of exposing themselves so blatantly by withholding on some areas and overemphasizing others. Sex simply isn’t at its utmost best if you can’t give or receive everything, completely. So learning the secret language she uses to reveal herself will take time. Don’t expect amazing sex in one night stands – good sex sometimes happens, but if the sex was good for that single instance, imagine what it would be if you actually knew her!

The reluctance we have in opening ourselves up so completely can be a very healthy thing. It allows us to limit our emotional involvement and gives us time to ensure that we have selected a good mate. This is why sex in longer term relationships get better (presuming that the partners work on it). In some cases however childhood experiences, social norms or some belief may inhibit us sexually in unhealthy ways. As the man in the relationship this is your task: to navigate through these fears and inhibitions so that you can release the passion in your partner.

This is precisely where the story comes together- the better we know someone, the better the sex. In fact, the old Hebrew word for sex used in the Bible means “to know”. Whether you believe in the Bible or not is irrelevant, the fact is that an ancient culture understood that sex is equal to knowledge. Truly knowing her is the key to unlocking the passion in your relationship.

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